Proofreading is the art of tidying up the text. I will find and correct typos, grammar mistakes, and punctuation for you. This is for the text that is basically done, but needs that final polishing.
Rate: $0.02/word


Copyediting is also known as revision and it covers suggestions to changes in word choice, sentence structure, jargon, and style. Proofreading is included in this service, too.
Rate: $0.05/word

Developmental editing

Developmental editing is the most extensive form of editing. I will look at the overall ideas in the text and discuss with you how to best develop these ideas. I have worked on very rough drafts as well as projects further along in the process, and I really enjoy helping the author find their voice and their story or argument. Copyediting and proofreading is included in this service, too.
Rate: $0.10/word


If you have a message, an idea, or something you want to publish, I can help you find the words. The ghostwriting process will involve a lot of creative back and forth so that we reach a result you love. I will of course guarantee a finished, copyedited and proofread text on top of the ghostwriting service.
Rate: $0.25/word


I offer all services for both US English, UK English, and Danish. I furthermore offer translations Danish-English and English-Danish.
Rate: $0.10/word


I have done a lot of volunteer work and I am happy to offer you a discounted price on small or large projects if you feel like you can’t afford my prices. Just get in touch and we will talk!


I am generally flexible in my schedule and I am often able to work with very tight deadlines, although I will typically add 10% to the price if you need the text done within the next 24 hours.